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Individual & Group Counseling

Drug Rehab Services That You Can Trust

Ultimate Treatment Center offers drug rehab services to help you overcome substance abuse and stay abstinent so that you may begin getting your life back on track again.

Individual Counseling

The Ultimate Treatment center provides individual counseling to our patients. Being able to personalize treatment helps our individuals get the specialized help that is needed within their personal life in order to help them in this journey.

Group Therapy

The Ultimate Treatment Center provides group therapy for our patients. Group is a place where individuals can be comfortable sharing stories and issues within their lives. Counselors focus on topics that are related to sobriety and treatment. This allows our patients to open up and share their experiences in order to help themselves and others.

Case Management

The Ultimate Treatment Center offers patient influenced input throughout their treatment process. We provide individualized intake, transition, and discharge treatment plans. The patient's set goals they would like to obtain during treatment, and our counselors help the patients to ensure those goals are being reached.

Crisis Intervention

The Ultimate Treatment Center offers crisis intervention in order to help our patients get through the sobriety process. This type of help includes being able manage your responses, setting limits for yourself, being able to handle challenging questions, and preventing physical confrontation.

Intensive Outpatient Counseling

The Ultimate Treatment Center offers Intensive Outpatient Counseling to those who struggle with relapses during their treatment. This type of counseling focuses on what is making them relapse and helps them get back on track to sobriety.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Every individual admitted to this facility for treatment has definitive rights, as well as certain responsibilities. The staff is committed to the protection of these rights. The staff is likewise committed to providing an environment that is characterized by respect and that is responsive to the needs, abilities, and characteristics of each person served. Ultimate Treatment Center expects every patient to reciprocate that respectful consideration in their dealings with the staff and other patients.