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Addiction and Recovery Information

It is our belief that addiction is a disease and it has symptoms like other diseases. Addiction is a disease that can be fatal, if not addressed at some stage.

Stages of Addiction

Primary Disease: This means that addictions is not a symptom of moral weakness or wrong choices. It is a brain disease that hijacks the control of the chemicals in the brain reward system leading to uncontrollable cravings for drugs and withdrawals when those cravings can not be satisfied.
Progressive: This means that the disease goes from a mild state to a severe state. Over time, a person suffering with addiction become more and more dependent on a substance or substances. This dependence is multidimensional; touching on the physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological and social aspect of the addicted individual.
Chronic: This means that there is no cure for addiction. The disease of addiction can be MANAGED with various degree of successes. Your counselor will help you find ways, along with medication, that will give you the most successful outcome.
Relapsing: Addiction like other chronic diseases is marked with periods of good control followed by episodes of relapse. Relapse by itself is not a mark of treatment failure but a reminder of the need to be consistent in following program rules, be mindful of relapse triggers and practice better coping skills.
Fatal: If not managed, addiction can be fatal. If left untreated, addiction will ultimately result in death. An addict who is not in any form of treatment has a twenty times more chance of dying prematurely.
Bottoming Out: This is experienced by a series of losses loss of support from others; loss of employment; loss of home and personal property; loss of freedom (jail); depression and despair.
Ambivalent: You may resist the idea of change. You may continue to "hang out" with the same people that use. Feelings of guilt and shame about your past may be painful and you prefer to avoid those feelings. We understand those feelings and are here to help you deal with them. It is part of managing this disease known as addiction.
Commitment: At some point, we hope you come to a commitment to stay clean and sober. You will know you have reached this stage when you cut off relationships with using friends and develop new interests. You will develop techniques that work for you in dealing with stress, cravings, triggers, andn old ways of doing things.
Integration: You will know you are ready for integrating or re-integrating into society when you find yourself able to resist the temptations to use; you are able to resolve guilt. Your social network will expand and you will be fully participating in your life and enjoy every minute!

Program Rules:

UTC is a Federal and State approved medication assisted treatment program designed to help you recover from your addiction to opioids or opioids-like substances. Medication Assisted Treatment Programs.

Methadone: This is an established time tested treatment program which will include the program expectations, admission process, and how we will evaluate your progress.

Suboxone: This means you will receive Suboxone everyday for your treatment and will be monitored at regular intervals.